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Workboats - Marine Contractors - Engineering

Pacific7 is a marine contracting company based in Tauranga, New Zealand.

We have a proven record in the provision of workboat and vessel hire for marine projects in New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific and maintains an excellent record of safety, reliability, and quality.

Our team has unrivaled experience and engineering capabilities. We utilise our substantial resources to provide solutions, marine operations, and execute projects and for our customers in a timely, cost-effective, and safe manner.


Marine contractors providing offshore workboats, crew and services

  • Workboats are designed to be used for work or trade rather than recreation, public transportation or private use.
  • We have a fleet of workboats to cover small and large jobs at sea. 
  • Ranging from a small 4.2 metre workboat right up to a Luxury Super Yacht.
The Superyacht has an ensuite in every cabin and it has loads of accomodation so if you have a large team then we can help you. Our workboats are twin screw, manoeuvrable, efficient, carefully maintained and have great work platforms.
  • We provide highly trained crew to cover all your maritime needs. Once we know your specific requirements we put together staff members that have the relevant skills for your job.
  • Our workboats are fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment for even the toughest marine job.  
  • We invest heavily on research and development. This allows us to apply the latest in technology and techniques to provide you with a quality marine service.
  • We supply and source the best available boats and equipment for your job.
  • Our projects are always completed safely and to a high standard. Our safety record is impressive. Safe at Sea.
  • Maritime Requirements are current on all workboats.
  • We can do your job from start to finish making your work at sea simple, comfortable and safe.
Pacific7 Silent Wings Workboat at the sea

An Overview of our Workboats

  • 32M Luxury Aluminium Work Boat
  • 16 Berth accommodation
  • 36M Steel Work Boat
  • 20 Berth accommodation
  • 18.3M Alloy Work Boat
  • 7 Berth accommodation
  • 14.5M Sectional Barge
  • Road Transportable
  • 12M Protector RHIB Work Boat
  • 2 Berth accommodation
  • 9M Pusher Tug Work Boat
  • 1 Berth accommodation
  • 6M Electric Work Boat
  • 4.2M Trailerable Work Boat

Marine Services

Offshore Work Boat hire for
  • Marine Survey – Surveying the seabed. Hydrographic and Bathymetric survey as well as Marine Biodiversity Surveys.
  • Research – Fisheries research, oceanographic research, biodiversity studies and scientific sampling.
  • Patrol – Maritime security, border patrols, water safety patrols and exclusion zone patrol.
  • Towing – To pull a boat or barge on a hawser behind another boat. We can tow anything and any size on the sea.
  • Marine Film Support – Supply of boats for marine filming. Marine film platforms, cranes and hydraulics. Marine platforms for television & advertisement production. Marine stage with power supply.  Supply of rigid inflatable boats “RHIB” for movie and film work on the water. Experienced boat crews for on the water film work. Complete service including any one off engineering requirements.
  • Salvage – Raise vessels from seabed. Recover sunken boats. Towing of disabled boats. Patch holes and pump vessels dry. Tow to safe port. Heavy lifting, support barges. Temporary repairs and towing.
  • Environmental Salvage – Remove environmental hazards, Fuel removals, Oil Spill Response, Fast rescue raft

Why choose Pacific7 Marine Services?

  • We are intensely focused on not only delivery, but also exceeding expectations.
  • We are specialists in our industry and provide a professional service.
  • Our crew are highly skilled experts in their field and with our experience and knowledge. We guarantee quality.
  • Pacific7 has a recognised and highly regarded history of completing many projects in NZ and throughout the Pacific.


  • We are equipped to work with aluminium, steel & stainless steel.
  • All of our welding plant is completely mobile.  
  • Our guys are expert welders and have many years of experience so you can trust that you will be dealing with true professionals.
  • Pacific 7 are experts at refits – Any vessel, any size.
  • Based in Tauranga but can work anywhere in NZ.
  • We employ a fulltime TEAM of engineers.
  • Our guys have been called “magicians” in regard to the level of their skill.


Pacific7 are Specialist Contractors. You can hire us to perform services under a contract for services (commonly called an independent contractor agreement).
We call ourselves “specialists” because we are able to do work that other general contractors cannot. We can do jobs in hard to reach places, environmentally sensitive areas, out at sea, in the bush, rural properties, council land, rugged countryside, you name it, Pacific7 can do it.
We have a long list of equipment at our disposal to do these jobs, as well as highly trained crew and years of experience in many trades.

Equipment we have for Contracting Work:

  • 20t Caterpillar long reach excavator
  • 2t Caterpillar long reach with tilt & auger
  • 50 tonne Crawler Crane including- vibro hammer – drop hammer – lifting gear
  • Hiab truck
  • Chippers/Chainsaws
  • We have specialised equipment for different types of work.  If we do not have it for your job, we will find it.

Why Pacific7?

Safety – Pacific7 has an extensive history in the Marine and Engineering industry. The standards we set in regard to safety are second to none, our safety record speaks for itself. Maritime NZ (MOSS) compliant plus Prequal and SHE certification. Regular auditing and input from all stakeholders is sought to ensure unparalleled safe work practices. “For us safety is not negotiable, in our industry it has to be this way”

Equipment – Pacific7 invest heavily on research and development to apply the latest in technology and techniques to their work. They also supply and source the best available equipment for the job. This enables a sustainable, productive and efficient environment. It is paramount to Pacific7 that all projects are completed safely and to a standard we can take pride in.

People – What makes Pacific7 special are its team of dedicated, motivated and highly qualified professionals, Director Sean Kelly & his team are intensely focused on not only delivery, but also exceeding expectations. Pacific7 has a recognised and highly regarded history of completing many projects in NZ and throughout the Pacific.

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