KAREN D - 17M Alloy Workboat

stable allow workboat Fiordland
Marine Contractors - alloy workboat out at sea

      Main Features

  • Twin Waterjets
  • Hull Type: Catamaran
  • Blue Ray vessel positioning
  • Cruise 28 knots, Max 43 knots
  • 6 berths
  • 45 sqm working deck
  • Hydraulic equipment hauler
  • Coastal Limits survey

The Karen D is a stable alloy workboat.

Best suited to jobs such as Survey, Crew transfer, Research, Patrol, Guard Vessel Exclusion Zone, Safety Standby Vessel to name a few.

Within inshore limits & enclosed limits she can carry 42 P.O.B (Persons On Board), 40 passengers + 2 crew.

Wheel House / Galley / Dining Area

On this workboat the wheelhouse is forward of the galley and the dining area is alongside it.  The Skippers Chair sits at the front of the wheelhouse cabin area. The galley is situated behind the skippers chair and has plenty of bench space, a sink, a 3 burner stove, Microwave and 230V domestic fridge.  The dining area has a large couch which encloses a rounded rectangle dining table.  When not being used for eating, this table can be used for extra bench space.

Karen D Dining Room
Dining Area - Looking out to deck
Karen D Workboat Dining Room
Dining Area - View from Kitchen
Outside Deck Karen D Workboat
Deck Dining Space

Accommodation / Bathroom / Work Deck

This workboat has 5 double berths.

In the main wheelhouse area there is a bathroom which has a standard bathroom vanity and in a separate room next to it is a shower over toilet.  There is a large sliding window in this bathroom area which provides fresh air and views out to sea.

The Karen D Workboat has a large 45 sqm working deck which allows ample room for your project requirements.  It can be used for portacoms, nets, cages, anything that is required for your job.  The space is perfect for ocean going work. It has a bait freezer, 230V domestic freezer, live tanks & will soon have a deck crane.

We provide full crew so you needn’t worry about weather, tides, boat handling, safety or maritime regulations.  We are the experts so we ensure your workplace is hassle free and comfortable.  We do our job, so you can do yours.

Need a cook to accompany you out to sea?  We can provide a full crew including a cook.

stable allow workboat crew transfer at sea
stable allow workboat
stable alloy workboat

If you are requiring a fast, stable alloy workboat, with many advantages, give Sean a call today