Discover our Workboat Fleet

Pacific7 own & operate a fleet of workboats to cover small and large jobs at sea ranging from a small 4.2 metre workboat right up to a Luxury Super Yacht.

  • Our workboats are twin screw, manoeuvrable, efficient, carefully maintained and have great work platforms.
  • We provide highly trained crew to cover all your maritime needs. Once we know your specific requirements we put together staff members that have the relevant skills for your job. Our workboats are fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment for even the toughest marine job.  
  • We invest heavily on research and development. This allows us to apply the latest in technology and techniques to provide you with a quality marine service.
  • We supply and source the best available work boats and equipment for your job.
  • Our projects are always completed safely and to a high standard. Our safety record is impressive. Safe at Sea.
  • Maritime Requirements are current on all workboats.
  • We can do your job from start to finish making your work at sea simple, comfortable and safe.

Workboats are designed to be used for work or trade rather than recreation, public transportation or private use.

We are marine contractors providing offshore workboats for hire, crew & marine services. Our vessels are suitable for marine survey, research, patrol, hydrographic survey, seismic support, towing & salvage, marine film support, and any type of marine operation.  We are located in the Western Bay but our workboats can work anywhere offshore including Australia and the South Pacific.

Pacific7 Workboats

MY Silent Wings

  • 32M Aluminium
  • 104ft
  • 16 Berth accom
  • Full Crew provided

MV Ocean Eagle

  • 18.3M Alloy
  • 63ft
  • 7 Berth accom
  • Full Crew provided

MV Karen D

  • 17M Alloy Fast
  • 56ft
  • 10 Berth accom
  • Full Crew provided

Sea Three

  • 12M Protector RHIB
  • 40ft
  • 2 Berth accom
  • Full Crew provided

Small Vessels to Hire

Al Capone

  • 6M Workboat
  • 19ft
  • Trailerable
  • Skipper provided if required

Jack Sparrow

  • 4.2M Workboat
  • 13ft
  • Trailerable
  • Skipper provided if required


  • 7.5M Rigid Hull Inflatable
  • 24ft
  • Trailerable
  • Skipper provided if required

Rescue IRB

  • 3.8M Rigid Hull Inflatable
  • 12ft
  • Trailerable
  • Skipper provided if required

Tugs & Barges

MV Tumeke Pusher Tug

  • Length overall: 9M
  • 30ft
  • 1 Berth accomodation
  • Skipper provided if required

JKL Sectional Barge

  • Length: 14.5m
  • Beam 8m
  • 50ft
  • Road Transportable

Sectional Barges

  • Flexible & Adaptable
  • Can be formed into different shapes
  • Can be anchored, piled or positioned
  • Transportable by road

Seabed mapping with the “Silent Wings” and “Karen D” in Fiordland New Zealand. Pacific 7 has a long history of carrying out such tasks in Nee Zealand and in the Pacific.

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