Tug & Barge Services

Primarily we do Salvage & Towing


Salvage, where there is the existence of “peril.” Salvage is any attempt and/or successful rescue of a boat and/or its cargo from a peril at sea. These days this also includes avoiding or reducing damage to a marine environment.

We can provide salvage service to vessels hard aground, on rocks, taking on water or sunk as well as rescues necessitated by collisions, fires, breakaways or other types of immediate peril. We can provide specialised equipment such as pumps, air bags, divers, oil spill response, safety and watch (if required) even if the boat is at the dock.

Salvage Services
Salvage Services
Salvage Services


When there is very little or no peril or damage to a vessel. Towing can be done in place of salvage when there is minimal peril. A typical example is when you run out of gas or have a dead battery, and have subsequently dropped anchor to await assistance. Waters are calm, you’re no threat to navigation, and your crew and boat are fine.

towing services
towing services
towing services
Marine Services towing

We are often available at short notice.

If you need assistance at sea, give us a call:

9M Pusher Tug Workboat
Tumeke - 9M Pusher Tug

We are based in Tauranga but we can operate out of every small port in the Bay of Plenty & Coromandel.

We work a lot at Great Barrier Island also.

Small Vessels Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow - 4.2M Workboat
14.5M Barge Workboat

Barge Services:

  • Marine Construction
  • Pipeline
  • Dredging
  • Piling
  • Cartage to/from offshore islands
  • Carriage of stock
  • Logging
  • Oil spill response
Mini Barge & Jack Sparrow Workboat
Mini Barge, Digger & Jack Sparrow Workboat